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Rainbow Weddings Photography Sydney congratulates all of Australia for supporting our rainbow families and we look forward to celebrating many diverse marriages in the near future. Let us look after your wedding photography needs to capture those important memories from your big day.

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Advice to wedding couples.

For most, your wedding day is likely to be one of the biggest in your lives. While you may remember it fondly being able to share photographic and video memories with family now and into the future is vital.

When choosing a photographer decide what outcomes you want from this service. Photographer’s styles vary greatly from formal to journalistic. Price also varies greatly according to your needs and the experience level of the photographer. Plan well ahead when deciding whom to ask to capture these memories. Explore websites such as Pintrest and wedding directory sites to decide on what style you like and what are current trends in wedding photography.

Most photographers offer different options such as: engagement photos, pre-wedding photos where both parties are getting ready, the actual wedding ceremony and finally the reception. The photos from the day itself are usually taken at very different locations, so the timing of your wedding ceremony and reception needs to take this into account.

Then decisions of what products you want will greatly change the services you receive. Traditionally prints and wedding albums were the only thing on offer but in a digital age many couple now just wish to have the digital images and videos. Digital only may be a cheaper alternative but it usually has a downside. Most couples, once married, rarely have much spare time, especially if they are raising children. So those digital images might just end up on a storage device somewhere, which can easily get lost. You are likely to just view the photos once and you may never get around to creating that wonderful piece of memorabilia that is the wedding album. Think carefully about having your photographer create that professional album that will last a lifetime.

So please enjoy your big day and treasure the outcome.

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